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The Mini Jeti Box from Jeti Model offers a smaller footprint for tray type transmitters and a bright green back-lit display. The Jeti Box Mini is compatible with all Jeti products displaying the JBC (Jeti Box Compatible) logo.

The buttons are situated on the top of the unit and functionality is the same as with the original Jeti Box, however the servo testing feature is not available in this model.

Two small flat-headed plastic screws are included to assist with mounting on tray type transmitters such as the MC-18, MC-24 and FC-16.

This new Jeti Box features two connections, one to obtain power and data from your transmitter and a further socket, to which JBC products can be connected such as Spin controllers, Duplex receivers and telemetric sensors. Because the backlight will drain the transmitter battery, the unit starts-up with the backlight disabled and it must be switched on manually.

With the Jeti Box, it is possible to access the programmable features of your Jeti Spin controller or Jeti Duplex equipment and all other JBC products, through a simple menu system, using the arrow buttons to navigate the menu and configure the various options appropriate to your Jeti device.

Other versions of the Jeti Box: -

  • Jeti Box – The original Jeti Box with support for programming a large array of Jeti devices and built-in servo tester.
  • Jeti Box Pro – The new Jeti Box Pro with voice alarms, telemetry data recording and wireless connectivity.

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