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The Jeti Box, sometimes referred to as the Jeti 'Spin' Box is a simple two-way LCD terminal with a two-line display, for interfacing with a number of Jeti products: Duplex Transmitters and Modules, Duplex Receivers and Jeti Spin speed controllers.

The Jeti Box is a simple device with a two-line LCD screen, four buttons and two sockets: one for the device and one for power supply.

The Jeti Box can be used for all sorts of tasks: -

  • Programming of Jeti Spin, Spin Pro and Mezon controllers and Duplex EX receivers, Sensor 3000 controllers. The Jeti Box is also forward compatible with future Jeti products.
  • Measurement of pulse widths at the receiver output (shows the pulse width in milliseconds and the receiver supply voltage).
  • Acts as a pulse-generator, generating control pulses which can be adjusted by means of push buttons and shows the servo supply-voltage. This function is very well suited for servo adjustments directly in the plane without the necessity of receiver installation and the use of a transmitter.
  • Servo cycling: Servos can be cycled by connecting a power source to the Jeti Box along with the servo. Various parameter can be adjusted: number of cycles, servo throw, cycle speed.
  • Measurement of servo speed (The time which the servo needs to travel from one defined position to another position
  • Programming of Jeti Duplex 2.4EX receivers
  • Viewing of real time data such as receiver voltage and signal strength from all Jeti Duplex receivers. In this case the Jeti Box should be connected to the Duplex Tx Module.
  • Viewing of real time data such as rate of climb/descent, temperature, voltage, current and battery capacity from Jeti Duplex telemetry sensors.
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone Watt Meter or Temperature Sensor when used with the corresponding Duplex EX sensor and an appropriate power source such as a receiver battery or a 2-cell LiPo or LiFePO4 pack.

Other versions of the Jeti Box: -

  • Jeti Box Mini – A smaller Jeti Box suitable for mounting on the MC-24, with back-light (Without servo test feature).
  • Jeti Box Pro – The new Jeti Box Pro with voice alarms, telemetry data recording and wireless connectivity.
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