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A 3D capable mini indoor or outdoor combat wing with exceptional stability and durable EPP construction. Available in a wide range of colours.


The Twisted Hobbys 30" EPP Crack Wings are combat indoor/outdoor EPP flying models for fast-paced aerobatics, fun combat, and spur of the moment flying with low investment. The large fins of these wings make for exceptional stability at low speeds and also allow for vertical take-offs! Like all of Twisted Hobbys and RC Factory EPP foamies, the low weight and durable EPP construction make these R/C foamies well-behaved and very durable.

The Crack Wing offers a wide speed envelope and a quick build, making it an ideal combat plane or just just pure fun for pilots of any skill level.

Use 2 × 4-6g micro servos such as the Gening D541BB to keep the weight down and a small, light-weight motor like the AT2202 motors.

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Technical Details for Twisted Hobbys Crack Wing

Model TypeEPP combat wing
Wingspan750.00mm (29.53")
Length340.00mm (13.39")
Build Time2-3 hours
Weight Range100-130g
Recommended PowerT-Motor AT2202 2300kv
Servos2 x D541BB
Weight90.0g (3.2oz.)

5/5 stars
By M. Lucas
How much fun can a flat-profile flying wing be? Short answer: A lot.

TL:DR? Buy one. It's brilliant.

For everyone else, here's my review...

It's easy to dismiss this model on face value, i mean it looks cool, but for what initially appears to be a cut sheet of EPP it seems a little steep when you can get 'proper' hot wire cut model (i.e. with an airfoil section) for £20 or less from both UK and HK suppliers.

But I can honestly say that I found this model more fun then any of them. And here's why:

First, the construction. Follow the instructions downloaded from the Twisted Hobbys site and you won't go wrong. No, you do not get any in the box (it's 42 A4 pages!), so either print the PDF or download to a tablet.

If possible, locate a supplier of the 'Welders' glue they recommend. There is a well-known online tool shop in Axminster that can supply this in packs of two (enough for 10-15 airframes I reckon). I should think that UHU por would be fine, but having used Welders, I intend to use it on all future EPP builds, it's good stuff

Building it is fun. It all fits together perfectly, with an attention to detail that I have not seen in any other model in it's price range. The quality of the fittings is very good. Everything feels 'engineered' with careful consideration.

Allow two or three nights to build (it's more involved than the average 'wing'), and don't rush - allow the glue to properly set, especially on the 'wet' joints (i.e. without allowing the glue to 'tack up' beforehand) and check alignment of the 'vertical' bits whilst drying. Use plenty of pins to hold the EPP bits in place.

I used both the servo and power set from Electricwingman and it all dropped in perfectly. I would have preferred the inclusion of some 2mm connectors for the money you pay, but there you go. Also I was slightly puzzled by the inclusion of a 8x4 prop, when the recommended size for the motor is 7x3.5. I stuck with the smaller prop and there no shortage of power.

My batteries are Turnigy 300mah 2s which fit perfectly with some small amount of trimming and whilst slightly bigger in capacity, weigh almost the same as the recommended 250mah.

Setting up is simple enough, I didn't add any reflex, just made sure the CG was spot on by moving the Rx and ESC back and forth. You can't move the battery, so it's down to moving the other bits to get the balance right.

Flying is brilliant fun. This is not a fast model - at all, and if you are expect a mini-park-screamer like some small 'wings' you'll be disappointed.

No, low and slow is where this model truly shines. Full up elevon, and a bit of power into the wind and the model will just stop there. There is no real 'stall', and full control is kept so long as the prop is still turning as it essentially uses thrust vectoring. I've yet to fully explore what you can do with it (6 flights so far) but my confidence (along with my grin) grew exponentially with each flight.

Even with the smaller 7in prop it has plenty of power. Most of my flights were using less than half-throttle and I was getting 6 minutes or so out of a battery which I'm happy with. Of course, if you wish to 'gun it' about on full throttle expect that time to drop substantially, but again, it's not the model for that sort of thing.

But this models real party trick is its vertical takeoff. Plonk it onto its tail on reasonably flat ground, add a little forward-stick pressure, open up the throttle to full as quickly as possible and it'll leap off the ground no problems at all. I can't help but giggle every time.

Brilliant (there's that word again) fun and well worth owning,

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