Jeti Mezon Brushless ESC

Mezon brushless speed controllers are the ultimate range of ESC from Jeti, providing uncompromised power and control. Mezon ESCs feature integrated Duplex 2.4EX telemetry on top of the programming flexibility you expect from a Jeti ESC. Jeti Mezon allows setting, monitoring and recording of all metrics in real-time, providing you with a view of not only the throughput of your power system, but also the BEC circuit and allowing a cut-off of not just voltage, but also used capacity.

  • Jeti Mezon 75 Opto ESC
    Jeti Mezon 75 Opto ESC
    Weight: 120.0g    No. of cells (LiPo): 2-15    Max. continuous current: 75A    BEC Type: No BEC (Opto)

    Jeti Mezon brushless speed controllers advanced design provides precise and efficient motor control in your demanding RC fixed-wing and helicopter mod…

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    £172.95 inc. VAT   £144.13 exc. VAT
  • Jeti Mezon 130 ESC - RPM
    Jeti Mezon 130 ESC - RPM
    Weight: 155.0g    No. of cells (LiPo): 2-12    Max. continuous current: 130A    BEC Type: Switching BEC

    The Jeti Mezon 130 ESC with RPM output (for external governors) is an advanced ESC designed to integration with Duplex EX systems. Various metrics ca…

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    £209.95 inc. VAT   £174.96 exc. VAT
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