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The Jeti Box, sometimes referred to as the Jeti 'Spin' Box is a simple two-way LCD terminal with a two-line display, for interfacing with a number of Jeti products: Duplex Transmitters and Modules, Duplex Receivers and Jeti Spin speed controllers.

The Jeti Box is a simple device with a two-line LCD screen, four buttons and two sockets: one for the device and one for power supply.

The Jeti Box can be used for all sorts of tasks: -

  • Programming of Jeti Spin, Spin Pro and Mezon controllers and Duplex EX receivers, Sensor 3000 controllers. The Jeti Box is also forward compatible with future Jeti products.
  • Measurement of pulse widths at the receiver output (shows the pulse width in milliseconds and the receiver supply voltage).
  • Acts as a pulse-generator, generating control pulses which can be adjusted by means of push buttons and shows the servo supply-voltage. This function is very well suited for servo adjustments directly in the plane without the necessity of receiver installation and the use of a transmitter.
  • Servo cycling: Servos can be cycled by connecting a power source to the Jeti Box along with the servo. Various parameter can be adjusted: number of cycles, servo throw, cycle speed.
  • Measurement of servo speed (The time which the servo needs to travel from one defined position to another position
  • Programming of Jeti Duplex 2.4EX receivers
  • Viewing of real time data such as receiver voltage and signal strength from all Jeti Duplex receivers.
  • Viewing of real time data such as rate of climb/descent, temperature, voltage, current and battery capacity from Jeti Duplex telemetry sensors.
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone Watt Meter or Temperature Sensor when used with the corresponding Duplex EX sensor and an appropriate power source such as a receiver battery or a 2-cell LiPo or LiFePO4 pack.

Excellent handy device for lots of things
5/5 stars
By Chris Lamming
I bought this without really knowing in detail why I needed it - sad to admit perhaps, but I was attracted to the servo testing feature and as I was buying new Jeti Tx and Rx equipment, it seemed like a useful part of the toolkit.

It turns out it is a great little device for all sorts of things - testing servos being very useful, as well as setting up servos, channel by channel without the need of receiver or transmitter. I have already used it loads in setting up an F3F model and also to run a set of new servos through their paces before installation in a F5J model. It would be great for matching performance of servos (if you are that worried!).

I now have the spin ESC to set up for the F5J and it turns out the Jetibox can communicate with that too - what a great little gizmo!

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