Jeti Duplex Receivers

The range of Jeti Duplex 2.4GHz receivers begins with the very small and lightweight R4 weighing only 4.8 grams and supporting 4 channels as well as programming via the Jeti Box. The largest of the range is the mighty Jeti Duplex R18, offering 18 channels yet weighing only 34 grams and supporting Jeti Duplex satellite receivers. All Duplex receivers transmit the receiver voltage in realtime, to be viewed on the Jeti Box. This allows the system to be monitored very closely. The Duplex system also allows audible warnings to be configured to provide a clear alert based on pre-defined conditions, such as low airspeed or battery capacity. All Jeti Duplex receivers have telemetry support.
Jeti Duplex receivers are named according to the number of channels, e.g. the Jeti Duplex R6 has 6 channels. Additionally, some Duplex receivers are offered in multiple variants: -
 - A40 indicates 400mm antennae.
 - EPC indicates an external power cable with Multiplex high-current plug to supply power to the receiver.
 - EPC A40 denotes both 400mm antennae and external power cable
The number of channels is in addition to the telemetric sensor socket. i.e. a 6-channel Duplex receiver has a 7th socket for use only with Jeti telemetry sensors. This socket is also where you connect the Jeti Box for programming.
Duplex receivers have probably the easiest bind process of any 2.4GHz receiver. No tiny buttons to press, no complex boot-up process. Just connect the included bind plug to the receiver data socket, power-up the receiver and switch on the transmitter. Extra beeps from your Tx indicate that the bind is complete.
Duplex Firmware Upgrade Guide

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