4 in 1 ESCs

Get that ultra-clean build with a 4-in-1 electronic speed controller. These things used to be huge unwieldy boards that didn't lend themselves well to being installed in mini quadcopters but things have moved on and Spedix, T-Motor, HGLRC and other ESC manufacturers have taken the bull by the horns and endowed us with PCBs to be proud of. The benefits of a 4-in-1 ESC are clear: clean, tidy builds and the weight focused at the centre of mass of your frame, rather than out on the arms. Some of the boards below also have integrated flight controller, like the Sunrise F4 AIO which is a complete all-in-one board. If you need a full stack with integrated esc, check out the hglrc stack.

4 in 1 esc comparison table
ModelMountingFirmwareDshotCellsCont. AmpsBurst Amps
Spedix IS2020x20mmblheli_s6002-42025
Spedix GS2520x20blheli_3212002-42530
AirBot Typhoon3230x30mmblheli_3212003-43540
Spedix GS3530x30blheli_3212002-43545
T-Motor F35A30x30blheli_s6002-43540
HobbyWing XRotor Micro 40A30x30blheli_s6002-54045

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