Radio Equipment

Transmitters, receivers and telemetry from Jeti, FrSky RC, Graupner and Hitec for your radio-controlled aircraft.
Jeti 2.4EX radio is the next evolution of Jeti's 2.4GHz FHSS system and is fully compatible with the existing system. Duplex EX provides extensions to the possibilities of telemetry and with DC/DS-16 and DS-24 transmitters, provides new and user-friendly capabilities to monitor, record and analyse telemetry data from your model. Duplex receivers can be paired, to provide a dual receiver-setup, for example using two 6-channel receivers to provide 12 channels. Jeti receivers along with the Central Box and clever power management solutions such as the Max BEC 2D Plus EX provide powerful and safe solutions for a vast array of flying model aircraft.

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