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Transmitter modules, receivers and telemetry sensors from Jeti, Hitec, Graupner and FrSKY.
Jeti 2.4EX is the next evolution of Jeti's 2.4GHz FHSS system and is fully compatible with the existing system. Duplex EX provides extensions to the possibilities of telemetry and with DC/DS-16 transmitters, provides new and user-friendly capabilities to monitor, record and analyse telemetry data from your model. Duplex receivers can be paired, to provide a dual receiver-setup, for example using two 6-channel receivers to provide 12 channels. Jeti receivers along with the Central Box and clever power management solutions such as the Max BEC 2D EX provide powerful and safe solutions for a vast array of flying model aircraft.

  • FrSky XSR EU Receiver
    FrSky XSR EU Receiver

    The new FrSky XSR is a miniature light-weight receiver (Just 3.8g!) measuring 26×19.2×5mm and supporting ACCST, CPPM and SBUS protocols. The XSR is a…

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  • FrSKY Taranis X9D+ Transmitter
    FrSKY Taranis X9D+ Transmitter

    The Taranis X9D+ is a 2.4GHz RC transmitter built upon open-source transmitter firmware from the OpenTx project. Th…

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  • Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Flight Stabiliser
    Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Flight Stabiliser

    The EagleTree Guardian Flight Stabiliser is a stabilisation module for your fixed-wing radio controlled model which sits between your receiver and ser…

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  • Jeti SBEC
    Jeti SBEC

    The new Jeti SBEC is a switching BEC designed to regulate the voltage from your 6-42V power source (e.g. 2-10s Li-Poly or 2-12s LiFePO4 pack) and prov…

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  • Multiplex MULTIGyro G3
    Multiplex MULTIGyro G3

    This new Gyro from Multiplex, the so-called MULTIGyro is a 3-axis flight stabiliser for fixed-wing, delta-wing and v-tail model aeroplanes designed …

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