A123 Battery Packs

A123 battery packs; also known as LiFe batteries, short for the LiFePO4 chemistry used in the cells. Most hobby-grade battery chargers sold are now LiFePO4 compatible, just be sure to choose the correct voltage settings if your charger has a generic "LiFe" setting. LiFePO4 cells are more resilient to over-discharge than lithium polymer batteries, however the overall energy density is less than that of Li-Poly based cells and therefore these packs are heavier for the equivalent capacity and cell count.
The nominal voltage of a single cell is 3.3 volts, therefore a 3s pack is said to have a nominal voltage of 9.9v. Compare this with a 3s Li-Po, which has a nominal voltage of 11.1v. The recommended maximum A123 charge voltage per cell is 3.6v, giving a fully charged 3s A123 battery pack a voltage of 10.8 volts. The 2s/6.6V batteries make ideal receiver battery packs, with fantastic capacity retention.

All of our LiFePO4 batteries are built from A123 LiFePO4 cells. The cells in these packs have the following voltage characteristics: Nominal: 3.3V, Max.: 3.6V, Min.: 2.0V

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