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My name is Mike and I have a problem. I’m addicted to FPV quadcopters.
Mike Tseng, FPV FlightClub (Follow him on Twitter)

We are inclined to agree with the above observation but must argue vehemently against it being a problem. The result of Mikes addiction is a set of freestyle and racing quadcopters which are some of the best performing designs we have seen. These results stem from the fact that Mikes other problem is his unending attention to detail and perfection. You won't find any dodgy hardware, superfluous parts or sticky-out bits that leave you scratching your head after building one of these mini quads. Every single nook and cranny of these kits is there for a reason. If it isn't there, then it is not required.
For an accomplished racing frame, check out the Tokio X, which is available in either X or Stretched-X configuration for 5 inch propellers. If 3 inches is your thing, grab a Phuket, which allows for all kinds of flexibility for a 3" build, without sacrificing performance. And it is a tough quadcopter! For a light-weight, high-performance beast, the PROton will be the frame of your dreams, available with various arm configurations to suit your build and flying preferences. Click below for more info and to buy your new rocket!
Check out the PROton skeleton build guide for an example build!

  • PROton Arm Guards
    PROton Arm Guards
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  • PROton Spare Arms
    PROton Spare Arms
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