AXi Propellers

High quality AXi propellers produced by Model Motors and designed specifically for the AXi 5360/20 and 5330/F3A Gold Line brushless motors for maximum performance and efficiency.

  • AXi 20x13 F3A Carbon Fibre Propeller
    AXi 20x13 F3A Carbon Fibre Propeller

    The AXi 20"x13 F3A carbon propeller is a light and aerodynamically efficient propeller, developed especially for the AXi 5330/F3A and 5325/24 bru…

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    £68.95 inc. VAT   £57.46 exc. VAT
  • AXi 30x20E Wooden Propeller
    AXi 30x20E Wooden Propeller

    This custom made wooden propeller was designed especially for best performance with the AXi 5360/20.

    With a 10-cell LiPo battery (or two 5-cell con…

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    £64.50 inc. VAT   £53.75 exc. VAT
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