Twisted Hobbys Crack Series

If you have flown at an indoor event or after an RC show recently you have probably seen one of the great designs from Twisted Hobbys in action. These foamy RC planes have redefined what it means to have fun with radio-controlled EPP planes. From the insane Crack Yak that probably started it all, right over to the super-simple and super-fun Crack Wing, the guys at Twisted Hobbys have designed something for every possible itch. All the Twisted Hobbys EPP Planes are highly-capable machines but total pussy-cats if you dial the rates down and just want to fly slow and relax in a gentle summer-evening-breeze. For insane performance, choose the latest MXS-C airframes and kit it out with our recommended power set and servos or if you fancy flying something with a twist of scale, check out the Crack Turbo Beaver, Crack Fokker and Crack Camel. All of these superb airframes are brought to you by Twisted Hobbys and RC Factory. Check the special offers tab on individual product pages for great deals on power and servo sets with fast delivery!
You can assemble your new plane using normal cyano or UHU Por depending on your preference. UHU dries much more flexible than CA and is usually lighter but is not as fast to work with. Do not use foam-safe cyano on these models as it will not provide adequate adhesion.

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