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We stock the complete range of brushless AXi motors, produced by Model Motors for RC airplanes. AXi brushless motors are suitable for park flyers, slow flyers, 3D aerobatics, sailplanes/gliders, warbirds, indoor planes, quadcopters and other multi-rotor platforms. AXi motors are among the most powerful and efficient radio-controlled model aeroplane motors available, all backed by a 12-month manufacturers warranty. We also stock the complete range of AXi motor accessories. Use the electric motor calculator below to find the recommended setup (outrunner, propeller, Jeti ESC and number of Li-Po cells) for your model aeroplane, or contact us for further advice. To view the full specification and recommended setups for a particular AXi motor, simply select from the range below and click the motor for complete details. All AXi motors are made in the Czech Republic. If you are looking for RC motors, you will find nothing better than an AXi for your next fixed-wing or multirotor project.

Model Weight      Model Type
  • AXi 2826/12 v2
    AXi 2826/12 v2
    Weight: 177.0g    RPM/V: 760

    Probably one of the most versatile motors in the range, the 2826/12 is a 760kV brushless outrunner designed for 3s and 4s operation in all kinds of ra…

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  • T-Motor AT2216 1250kv
    T-Motor AT2216 1250kv
    Weight: 68.0g    RPM/V: 1250

    T-Motor AT2216 1250kv brushless outrunner motor for fixed-wing aircraft. Includes prop driver and cross-mount. Recommended motor for the Twisted Hobb…

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  • AXi 2212/26 v2
    AXi 2212/26 v2
    Weight: 56.0g    RPM/V: 920

    New AXi 2212/26 v2 920kv brushless outrunner now includes radial mounting set and front/reverse prop adaptors. The 2212/26 v2 design incorporates imp…

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  • AXi 2217/16 v2
    AXi 2217/16 v2
    Weight: 70.0g    RPM/V: 1050

    The original AXi 2217/16 was our favourite all-round motor for 3D model aeroplanes up to about 700g. These new v2 motors now include the radial mount …

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  • AXi 4120/14 v2
    AXi 4120/14 v2
    Weight: 315.0g    RPM/V: 660

    The latest AXi 4120/14 v2 comes from one the finest range of brushless electric motors available, from Model Motors in Czech Republic. AXi v2 motors …

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