As a long-time manufacturer of electronic speed controllers for other suppliers, HobbyWing know their ESCs and offer something for every budget. The original SkyWalker range are often rebadged for use in RTF models and provide just enough features to be useful in beginners and more advanced models alike. The FlyFun range offer all-round superb performance with powerful configuration options, smooth throttle response and many also have a powerful battery eliminator circuit onboard. For maximum flexibility and the very best performance, look to the Platinum range, which offers the highest level of innovation. The standout model in the entire range is the FlyFun 40, which supports bursts of up to 60 amps and has a powerful onboard SBEC and supports 3-6s batteries.

  • Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs
    Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs

    FlyFun v5 brushless speed controllers provide smooth, rapid throttle response and efficient operation using active freewheeling and hobbywing's D…

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  • HobbyWing Skywalker 40A
    HobbyWing Skywalker 40A
    Weight: 39.0g    No. of cells (LiPo): 2-3    Max. continuous current: 40A    BEC Type: Linear

    A trusty 40 amp budget speed controller from Hobbywing with a relatively powerful 3 amp linear BEC to power your receiver and servos. To keep costs d…

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  • HobbyWing Platinum Pro 200A Opto ESC
    HobbyWing Platinum Pro 200A Opto ESC
    Weight: 305.0g    No. of cells (LiPo): 6-14    Max. continuous current: 200A    BEC Type: No BEC (Opto)

    The Platinum Pro 200A Opto ESC is a hugely powerful and configurable brushless electronic speed controller for giant-scale fixed-wing R/C model aircra…

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  • HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Program Box
    HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Program Box

    This programming box is designed to work with compatible ESCs from hobbywing, to make programming and firmware upgrades more accessible and easy to ac…

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  • HobbyWing Wi-Fi Express Module
    HobbyWing Wi-Fi Express Module

    This wireless module from hobbywing is a tiny dongle designed to connect your ESC wirelessly through your iOS/Android device in tandem with the HW Lin…

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  • HobbyWing LED Programming Box
    HobbyWing LED Programming Box

    An easy-to-use programming box for many Hobby Wing brushless speed controllers. It is small, light and easy to use, making it especially suitable for…

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