RC Factory Models

If you are looking for a new 3D or aerobatic practice plane or just want one of the best flying radio controlled 3D EPP planes available, look no further than the RC Factory and Twisted Hobbys RC aeroplanes. Here you will find a fantastic range of EPP model aeroplanes for indoor and outdoor flying. All are complete with fittings. Just add 1-2 evenings build-time and your choice of power set, receiver and servos. And do not forget some glue!

  • Twisted Hobbys Veloxity
    Twisted Hobbys Veloxity
    From $115.35
    Choose colour
  • Twisted Hobbys Edge XL
    Twisted Hobbys Edge XL
    From $115.35
    Choose colour
  • F22 Raptor Jet EPP
    F22 Raptor Jet EPP
  • Revolto
    From $82.82
    Choose colour
  • Zorro EPP Flying Wing
    Zorro EPP Flying Wing
    From $38.76
    Choose colour
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