Flight Controllers

The Flight Controller or FC, is the heart of your multirotor drone. It's primary responsibility is to control the RPM of your motors not only to keep your aircraft safe and stable in the air but to make it respond to changes in orientation as commanded by inputs from the receiver. During the past few years, flight controllers have advanced considerably. Having evolved from the likes of the original Naze32 and it's various clones, flight controllers now often incorporate a PDB and are usually referred to as AIO boards. Taking it a step further, there are now many boards which incorporate both the PDB and an OSD to display useful information in your FPV camera feed. Surely the ultimate all-in-one FC must be the Sunrise Siskin, which is home not only to a powerful F4 FC and OSD but also a high-output switching BEC and 4-in-1 ESC too!

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