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You can always save on electric power and servo sets the latest radio-controlled EPP planes by checking the *special offers* tab on the individual product pages, but below we have put together a selection of the most popular EPP plane deals complete with brushless motor and servo setups. Build with your preferred glue and add your receiver and battery to enjoy some of the best flying radio controlled model planes available.

  • Crack Turbo Beaver Combo
    Crack Turbo Beaver Combo

    Our Twisted Hobbys Crack Turbo Beaver Combo includes the superb Beaver airframe, excellent T-Motor 2206 with original GWS 9×4.7SF propeller and powe…

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    £109.95  £109.95  
    £109.95 inc. VAT   £91.63 exc. VAT
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  • Flash NG Combo
    Flash NG Combo

    Pre-bundled RC Factory Flash NG combo deal with motor, speed controller, servos and propeller. This kit requires assembly and you need to add your ow…

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    £104.30 inc. VAT   £86.92 exc. VAT
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  • Zorro Combo
    Zorro Combo

    This is our combo deal for the new Zorro EPP flying wing by RC Factory and Twisted Hobbys. Zorro is a great performer when you just want to fly on bi…

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    £84.45 inc. VAT   £70.38 exc. VAT
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