Jeti Advance Pro Brushless Controllers

Jeti Advance Pro brushless controllers represent the latest technology from Jeti Model in Czech Republic. These controllers offer heat protection and battery low discharge protection as standard.
The Advance Pro range offers three kinds of ESC: -
- Advance Pro SB controllers contain an integrated Switching BEC to provide a 5.5V power-supply to your receiver and up to 6 servos.
- Advance Pro Opto controllers support higher cell counts but do not provide power to the receiver and servos.
- Advance Pro controllers (not denominated with Opto or SB) contain an integrated linear BEC supporting 2-3 LiPo cells and up to 4 servos.

The Advance Pro programming card is compatible with all Advance Pro controllers and the older Advance Plus controllers. Manual download for Jeti ESCs.

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