APC Slow Fly Propellers

APC slow fly propellers are among the most efficient and quietest RC propellers for low RPM electric flight applications. All propeller sizes are quoted in inches. Use Slow-fly type propellers with all AXi 22xx series motors.
The maximum RPM for these propellers can be calculated using the following formula: 65,000 / prop diameter in inches
For example the 10"x4.7" tractor/pusher propellers have a maximum RPM of 6,500.
Check out the latest APC indoor 3D slow fly propellers below which are available in their own unique sizes of 8x4.1, 9x3.7 and 9x4.6. This new range features a 5.5mm bore to fit directly onto most flange-mount motors with integrated prop saver such as the AT2202 and AT2204 from T-Motor and the AXi 2203 and 2204 series motors.
All sizes below are in inches.

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