Aeronaut CAMcarbon folding prop blades

This new generation of folding propeller blades available in diameters from 7" to 20" uses profiles developed by Rudi Freudenthaler and has an optimised thin profile design offering high accuracy and optimum efficiency. The material used is a combination of nylon and carbon fibre, which provides a very rigid and solid propeller blade even under high loads. These folding prop blades are also very light-weight and quiet. The CAMcarbon range offers a greater number of sizes than the similar Graupner folding propeller blades and a much more standard blade root. For best performance use with the Aero-Naut Turbo Spinners and Aero-Naut Precision Spinners. All Aeronaut folding propeller blades have an 8mm root and a 3mm fixing hole. Centre pieces, spinners and yokes are available separately. Choose Aero-Naut folding props for your next radio-controlled electric powered glider!

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