T-Motor FPV Motors

Fast and furious is the aim of the game with the new T-Motor FPV motors. The F30, F40 and F60 are all among the most powerful drone motors in their class and have been designed and tuned specifically for the most demanding FPV racing pilots in cooperation with professional pilots across the world, with the aim of providing fast response, long service life and above all; power and speed. The F-series range use a patented design with an integrated hollow steel shaft, German bearings, embedded base and rubber damping to provide strength, improved lifetime and vibration elimination. The first thing you will notice is how very smooth these racing motors run but if you plump for the Pro series with silver windings, the efficiency and responsiveness is truly outstanding and makes them a great choice for your next mini quad setup.

  • T-Motor F20 II 3750kv
    T-Motor F20 II 3750kv
    out of stock
  • T-Motor F40 III 2400kv
    T-Motor F40 III 2400kv
    £19.95  £15.00
    out of stock
  • T-Motor F40 III 2600kv
    T-Motor F40 III 2600kv
    £19.95  £15.00
  • T-Motor F60 Pro II
    T-Motor F60 Pro II
    From £21.95  £14.00
    Choose colour and kv
  • T-Motor F60III 2350kv
    T-Motor F60III 2350kv
    £17.95  £15.00
  • T-Motor F60III 2750kv
    T-Motor F60III 2750kv
    £17.95  £15.00
  • T-Motor F80 Pro
    T-Motor F80 Pro
    From £18.00
    Choose KV
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