First-Person View

It feels like not an awfully long time ago when an FPV setup was the thing of dreams and was quite complicated not only to setup, but even to source in the first place! At least up until around 2005. The essential parts of any FPV system (in no particular order) are the video transmitter, camera, video receiver and antennae. Of course, an first-person view setup is not much use without some kind of viewer, so you can add goggles or a monitor to that list! The video transmitter is the part that takes the signal from your camera and transmits it to the receiver for display on a viewer. Various types of antennae are now available for these setups and many will correctly argue that the antennae used on the transmitting and receiving end of the setup is the absolute most critical part of the configuration, impacting not only the overall range possible but also the signal and ultimately picture quality.

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