Graupner HOTT 2.4GHz

Graupner HOTT (Hopping, Telemetry & Transmission) is the new 2.4GHz technology for your radio controlled model, with voice telemetry and a great range of sensors. Supporting a range of up to 4km and with power at the legal 100mW limit, the fully programmable and modular Graupner HOTT 2.4GHz offers something for you.

  • Graupner HoTT GR-12 + 3xG Receiver
    Graupner HoTT GR-12 + 3xG Receiver

    The new GR-12 HoTT receiver from Graupner is a 6-channel receiver with integrated 3-axis gyro, to provide stablisation of your radio controlled model …

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