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The new flagship quadcopter from Armattan. Rooster is a compressed-x freestyle frame with swappable arms and grade 5 titanium camera cage. Available for 5 or 6 inch props.

The Armattan Rooster frame
Rooster's titanium camera cage

The Armattan Rooster frame

It was a tall order and seemed almost impossible after the success of the Chameleon but now Armattan have taken everything awesome from what was surely the most popular frame of 2017 and made it even better. Look deeper and see the difference, from a new carbon-fibre weave to modular antenna mounting plates, flat-head bolts and improved titanium parts. At a glance, this is a 230mm quadcopter frame for 5-6 inch propellers, 22xx motors and 3-5s 1300mAh batteries with a maximum stack height of 22mm. It has a 28.5mm FPV camera mount, which will take a Swift 2 or an Arrow v3 (amongst others!). Importantly, those arms can be swapped without unscrewing your FC!

How does it compare with the Chameleon?

Surely the first question many ask on seeing the Rooster and at first glance this may look like the original Chameleon but look closer and there are a number of differences. The FPV camera centre point has been lowered, the overall weight is lower and the camera cage is now even stronger (actually more than double the strength!) for better cam protection through the use of grade 5 titanium. On top of this, the Rooster uses a new carbon-fibre weave, which is much less likely to delaminate on heavy impacts. The Rooster has also deviated from the unibody design of its predecessor and has swappable 4mm thick arms for easy maintenance.

Rooster tail

The rear of the frame has some options that are not obvious. The first option is the "standard" rear plate, which comes with 3 moulded rubber parts: a grommet for mounting your SMA adapter and two cones to mount your receiver antennae tubes. This should provide a clear and satisfying mount point for any pilot with any VTX. If a TBS Unify style video transmitter is being used (with the flanges either side of the SMA pigtail), then the optional rear-plate may be preferred, which allows hard-mounting the SMA adaptor to the rear of the frame and even provides a space below for a rear-mounted XT60. It is always recommended to use a vtx with a pig-tail.


The Rooster is covered by Armattan's legendary top to bottom warranty.

Recommended build

This is a naked frame without electronics, FPV gear or power system components. 2306/2450kv motors and 30A ESCs. Please choose from 5" or 6" arms when you order your frame.

Included parts

2 x Titanium camera cage braces

Hardware: -

  • 6 × 4mm flat-head M3 bolts
  • 8 × 6mm flat-head M3 bolts
  • 3 × 8mm flat-head M3 bolts
  • 3 × 10mm flat-head M3 bolts
  • 10 × 12mm flat-head M3 bolts
  • 10 x M3 sunk-nuts
  • 10 x Nyloc M3 nuts
  • 16 × 6mm M3 button-head (motor) bolts
  • 6 × 8mm M2 cup-head (camera) bolts

Aluminium parts: -

  • 1 × 28.6mm Front standoff (silver)
  • 2 x Rear standoffs (black)

Nylon: -

  • 5 × 6mm standoffs
  • 5 x nuts
  • 5 × 16mm button-head M3 bolts

Carbon Fibre: -

  • 1 × 2mm Top (LiPo) plate
  • 1 × 1.5mm HD Cam plate
  • 1 × 1.5mm Small front (top) plate
  • 1 × 1.5mm Small rear (top) plate
  • 1 × 2mm Rear vtx plate (Standard or TBS)
  • 1 × 4mm Main plate
  • 4 × 4mm Arms (Choose 5 inch or 6 inch)

Bonus parts!

  • 1 x Lipo strap
  • 1 x LiPo foam pad
  • 1 x HD camera foam pad
  • 4 x Dog-bone landing pads
  • 1 x Molded rubber SMA grommet (only included with standard VTX plate)
  • 3 x Molded rubber antenna tube mounts (only included with standard VTX plate)

Enjoy your Rooster!

Technical Details for Armattan Rooster Freestyle FPV Frame

Weight125.0g (4.4oz.)

Top dog
5/5 stars
By johnfpvacct
Used a bit of wood and my little spirit level to bash the sunk nuts in! Top frame. CF feels like girders. Nice to have the separate arms rather than single sheet for the body as per chameleon. Simple freestyle cruiser for me with f40 pro 2. Titanium cage is a thing of beauty.

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