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Jeti Duplex EX transmitters, receivers and telemetry sensors. Jeti offer some of the most sophisticated 2.4GHz facilities available, with a fantastic range of receivers and sensors for all kinds of radio-controlled aircraft. The Jeti receiver binding process is probably the fastest and easiest of any 2.4GHz system: insert bind plug, power-up and switch on your transmitter. Binding is confirmed by a prompt on your radio, with no incredibly tiny buttons to press! Please refer to individual product pages below for more information.
We have been supplying Jeti products in the UK since 2008 and Jeti radios are our choice for all RC flying models, be it large scale gliders, quadcopters, IC, electric or turbine powered model planes or foamies; Jeti transmitters can do it!
The Jeti DS-14 and DC-14 transmitters are now available and offer a wealth of features out of the box with configurable software upgrades available online through the Jeti software shop so you can extend the features of your DS/DC-14 as and when required.

  • Jeti Duplex 2.4EX USB Adaptor
    Jeti Duplex 2.4EX USB Adaptor

    The Jeti Duplex USB Adaptor is used for two things: -

    • Downloading GPS data from the MGPS positioning sensor
    • Applying firmware upgrades to comp…

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  • Jeti Duplex REX3 Receiver
    Jeti Duplex REX3 Receiver
    Weight: 8.0g    Dimensions (mm): 40x22x7

    Nice, small and light-weight (7.5g) programmable REX receiver with 100mm antennae.

    Made in Czech Republic.

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  • Jeti Duplex R5L EX Receiver
    Jeti Duplex R5L EX Receiver
    Weight: 5.0g    Dimensions (mm): 47x20x7

    The Jeti 2.4EX R5L is a full range 2.4GHz receiver compatible with EX and EX Bus protocols from Jeti and with full telemetry support. Designed for sma…

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  • Jeti Duplex REX7 Receiver
    Jeti Duplex REX7 Receiver
    Weight: 13.0g    Dimensions (mm): 42x28x11

    The REX7 is a full-range 7-channel receiver for users of Jeti DC/DS-14/16 transmitters or users of Jeti transmitter modules. The REX line of receivers…

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  • Jeti Transmitter Brackets
    Jeti Transmitter Brackets

    One pair of Jeti Tx brackets for the DC-16 transmitter. These allow the Jeti transmitter harness to be attached to the transmitter where this is prefe…

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