Aeronaut Multirotor Propellers

Since 1922 aero-naut have been involved in the production of quality parts and accessories for radio-controlled flying aircraft, so it is no surprise to us that aeronaut should release these new CAMcarbon light propellers, based on their existing and very popular CAMcarbon range of propellers for glow and electric-powered aircraft. Make no mistake, Aeronaut are no stranger to the design and production of propellers, having offered for some time the carbon-fibre reinforced folding propellers popular among electric flyers and the superbly light yet strong CAMcarbon power props. These multirotor propellers are an extension to the existing range and are produced from carbon-fibre reinforced nylon, to provide very light and extremely rigid propellers which have very little flex under load. Compared to the Graupner E-props, these propellers have a slightly wider blade profile for better thrust at low RPM, but the best thing is that hub inserts for 5mm and 6mm shafts are included and the price is even better!
All sizes are quoted in inches.

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