AXi 2208 motors

The Model Motors AXi 2208 range of brushless motors from Model Motors weigh only 45g and are suitable for small models and park flyers upto 500g in weight.
These motors are designed for mounting behind a firewall, however a radial mount set is available separately to allow the motor to be secured to the front of the firewall.
All AXi 22xx series motors should be used with "slow fly" type propellers for maximum efficiency.

  • AXi 2208/20 v2
    AXi 2208/20 v2
    Weight: 45.0g    RPM/V: 1820

    You will be surprised by the very high power delivered by these small and very robust, but light weight (43.5g with power cables) brushless motors wit…

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  • AXi 2208/26 EVP
    AXi 2208/26 EVP
    Weight: 45.0g    RPM/V: 1420

    The AXI 2208/26 EVP Gold Line brushless outrunner motor is suitable for models up to 280g in weight. AXI EVP motors were designed for use with AXI EVP…

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  • AXi 2208/26 v2
    AXi 2208/26 v2
    Weight: 45.0g    RPM/V: 1420

    The latest version of the AXi 2208/26 from Model Motors is a 43.5g brushless outrunner designed for slow flying RC planes up to 450g. The new v2 desig…

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