AXi 4120 motors

The AXi 4120 series of brushless motors is suitable for all kinds of flying models weighing between 2300g and 5000g spinning 12" to 17" propellers.
AXi 4120 v2 motors now include the radial mount and prop holder, so you can mount your new motor in either front or reverse configuration.

  • AXi 4120/14 v2
    AXi 4120/14 v2
    Weight: 315.0g    RPM/V: 660

    The latest AXi 4120/14 v2 comes from one the finest range of brushless electric motors available, from Model Motors in Czech Republic. AXi v2 motors …

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  • AXi 4120/18 v2
    AXi 4120/18 v2
    Weight: 315.0g    RPM/V: 515

    Latest v2 edition of the AXi 4120/18, including radial mounting kit and prop adaptors. These latest version 2 motors from the legendary Model Motors …

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  • AXi 4120/20 v2
    AXi 4120/20 v2
    Weight: 315.0g    RPM/V: 465

    With its superb torque and a maximum output power of 1075W, designed for running on 5s-6s batteries in radio-controlled flying models up to 5kg, the M…

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  • AXi 4120/20 MultiCopter Motor
    AXi 4120/20 MultiCopter Motor
    Weight: 320.0g    RPM/V: 465

    AXi 4120/20 v1 multicopter motor with short shaft, 800mm cables and radial propeller mount with 8mm shaft. With neodymium magnets and a rotating case…

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