Folding Prop Bars

Folding prop bars (also referred to as yokes or centre pieces) for 2-blade and 3-blade folding propellers. These centre pieces are used with folding propeller setups and act as the hub to which the folding propeller blades are attached. Each unit has an 8mm bore and an 8mm gap for the blade root, along with a 3mm fixing screw bore size. Fixing screws and nyloc nuts are included.. You can reduce the bore to 6mm using one of the 8mm/6mm inserts, or to 5mm using an 8mm/5mm insert.
Please note that Graupner precision spinners already include a centre piece but Aeronaut precision spinners do not (apart from the 30mm cool nose spinners). These centre pieces do not fit the Graupner precision spinners.

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