FrSky produce some of the most well-featured and best value transmitter offerings in the world. The original X9D is probably used by 99% of racing drone and FPV pilots and definitely ‘the one to buy’ once pilots are hooked and requirements go above and beyond what can be squeezed out of something like a FlySky or Spektrum transmitter. The strength of these products doesn't rest purely on the shoulders of great transmitters, the receiver line-up from these guys is well-focussed toward fpv and fixed-wing pilots, with something for everyone. There are multiple different receivers for the mini quad guys and many flight controllers (from FrSky RC themselves) have integrated receivers that are compatible with these transmitters, including the new FrSky_X FC from Matek.
All of our FrSky Tx are EU LBT spec. Our X10S stock has the latest integrated charging circuit with wall plug.

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