The following table allows easy look-up of which Jeti Duplex Transmitter Module is appropriate for your transmitter. Jeti have now discontinued these modules.
Please find your transmitter in the left-hand column and click the name of the module in the right-hand column to view the details for the compatible module. Fitting instructions for the TU/TU2 module can be found for most transmitters on the Jeti website.

Q: What is the difference between the TG and the TG2 modules?
A: The antennae of the TG2 module is mounted such that it exits the top of the module rather than exiting to the rear of the module. This is considered a neater installation because the host Tx will not sit on the antennae when rested on its back, like with the TG module. Other than this the functionality and specification are the same.

Q: What is the difference between the TU and the TU2 modules?
A: The TU2 module offers support for an external buzzer and an earphone jack via the optional VOICE-1 kit. All other functionality, fitting and specification is the same as with the original TU module.

Q: Can I use other makes of 2.4GHz receiver with my Jeti Duplex Transmitter Module?
A: No. Like most manufacturers of 2.4GHz radio gear, Jeti Duplex receivers are only compatible with Jeti Duplex based transmitters and transmitter modules.

Transmitter   Module   
Multiplex EVO 7TMe
Multiplex EVO 9TMe
Multiplex EVO 12TMe
Graupner/JR X-347TG/TG2
Graupner/JR X-388TG/TG2
Graupner/JR X-9303TG/TG2
Graupner/JR MX-22TG/TG2
Graupner/JR X-3810 ADTTG/TG2
Graupner/JR PCM-10STG/TG2
Graupner/JR PCM-10XTG/TG2
Graupner/JR PCM-9XTG/TG2
Graupner/JR PCM-9XIITG/TG2
Graupner/JR FM-6014TGi
Graupner MC-10TU2
Graupner MC-12TU2
Graupner MC-14TU2
Graupner MC-15TU2
Graupner MC-16TU2
Graupner MC-19TU2
Graupner MC-22TU2
Graupner MX-12TU2
Graupner MX-16TU2
Graupner/JR MC-17TGi
Graupner/JR MC-18TGi
Graupner/JR MC-20TGi
Graupner/JR MC-24TGi
Graupner MX-24STGs
Futaba 7UTF
Futaba 8UTF
Futaba 8JTF
Futaba 9CTF
Futaba 9ZTF
Futaba 3PKTF
Futaba 3PJTF
Futaba FC-16TU2
Futaba FC-18 JuniorTU2
Futaba FC-18+TF
Futaba FC-28TF
Futaba FNTF
Futaba FNTF
Futaba T10CTF
Futaba T6EXHPTU2
Futaba 12FGTU2
Futaba 12ZTU2
Futaba 14MZTU2
Futaba FX-14TU2
Futaba FX-18TU2
Hitec Aurora 9TA
Hitec Laser 4TU2
Hitec Laser 6TU2
Hitec Flash 5TU2
Hitec Optic 6TF
Hitec Optic 6 SportTU2
Hitec Eclipse 7TF
Hitec Prism 7TF
Hitec Aggressor CRXTF
Hitec Aggressor SRXTF
Multiplex Cockpit SXTU2
Multiplex Profi 3000TU2
Multiplex Profi 4000TU2
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