Indoor Power Sets

We have a great range of motors, props and speed controllers for indoor models. The much recommended AXi 2203/52 for F3P type planes has now been upgraded to v2 for slightly cooler running and the existing T-Motor AT2202 1620kv is a superb and light-weight option with a relatively low RPM/V for slow and precise flights. We recommend light-weight propellers for all indoor setups, which not only helps to keep your model light, but also keeps the wear on your motor bearings to a minimum in the event of a crash - it's much better to break a light-weight prop than transfer all that energy to your motor and/or airframe. Props for indoor power setups need not break the bank, but do check prop balance to ensure reduced wear on your bearings.

  • Power Set for Donatas Design Symmetric
    Power Set for Donatas Design Symmetric

    Proven power set for the Symmetric and Spies from Donatas Design. Includes motor, controller and propeller.

    Use a light-weight battery around 250-3…

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  • Power Set For Gym Star EPP Trainer
    Power Set For Gym Star EPP Trainer

    Our recommended setup for the Gym Star EPP Trainer. We recommend to solder the three motor wires to the three ESC wires, or you can use 2mm gold bulle…

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