Indoor Power Sets

We have a great range of motors, props and speed controllers for indoor models. The much recommended AXi 2203/52 for F3P type planes has now been upgraded to v2 for slightly cooler running and the existing T-Motor AT2202 1620kv is a superb and light-weight option with a relatively low RPM/V for slow and precise flights. We recommend light-weight propellers for all indoor setups, which not only helps to keep your model light, but also keeps the wear on your motor bearings to a minimum in the event of a crash - it's much better to break a light-weight prop than transfer all that energy to your motor and/or airframe. Props for indoor power setups need not break the bank, but do check prop balance to ensure reduced wear on your bearings.

  • Power Set for Donatas Design Symmetric
    Power Set for Donatas Design Symmetric

    Proven power set for the Symmetric and Spies from Donatas Design. Includes motor, controller and propeller.

    Use a light-weight battery around 250-3…

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