Li-Po Receiver Batteries

7.4V 2-cell Li-Poly receiver battery packs, with JR type discharge plug. Use a regulator such as the Jeti Max BEC to generate a voltage appropriate for your receiver and servos or use directly with high-power servos such as the Hitec HS-7954SH. These packs are rated at 18C but the maximum current draw is limited by the capacity of discharge wires. Please use these packs only for powering your receiver and servos.

  • VoltON 18C 800mAh 2s 7.4v Li-Po Rx Battery
    VoltON 18C 800mAh 2s 7.4v Li-Po Rx Battery
    Weight: 53.0g    Capacity (mAh): 800mAh    Dimensions (mm): 70x34x10    Balance Plug Type: JST-XH    Chemistry: Li-Poly

    VoltON 800mAh 7.4V lithium polymer receiver battery with JR/UNI connector and JST-XH balance connector.

    Always use a lithium polymer compatible bat…

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