6s Li-Po Batteries

6s Gens Ace and Tattu lithium polymer batteries with a nominal voltage of 22.2 volts (25.2 volts when fully charged). Please refer to individual battery pages below for weights, dimensions, connectors and discharge rates.

  • Tattu 35C 6000mAh 6s 22.2V Li-Po Battery
    Tattu 35C 6000mAh 6s 22.2V Li-Po Battery
    Weight: 875.0g    Capacity (mAh): 6000mAh    Dimensions (mm): 145x45x59    Balance Plug Type: JST-XH    Chemistry: Li-Poly

    High-performance Tattu UAV battery from Gens ace. This pack has an EC5 connector already soldered.

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