Graupner Elektro Prop

A new series of Graupner props designed specifically for electric powered aeroplanes, quadcopters and other multi-rotor aircraft. For the 8,9,10,11,12,13 and 14" size propellers in this range, there is an exact same size propeller for rotation in the opposite direction. These propellers are therefore ideal for counter-rotating setups. Graupner Elektro propellers are light-weight and have a low resistance profile. They are produced from carbon reinforced plastic, providing excellent torsional strength whilst retaining relatively low weight compared to other manufacturers propellers. Graupner/SJ have vast experience in the design and production of propellers for all kinds of RC applications, so you can be sure you're buying some of the best propellers available.
Please remember, if you are buying these Graupner props for a multicopter, the "L" denoted props are the CW rotating propeller (e.g. 10x5L), whereas if you are buying for a fixed-wing aircraft, then the L marked props are classed as CCW!

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