Ripmax Servos

  • Ripmax SD100 Micro Servo
    Ripmax SD100 Micro Servo
    Weight: 5.0g    Dimensions (mm): 22x17x8

    The SD100 servo from Ripmax is a 4.7g analog servo which can be used with voltages up to 2s Li-Po. This is actually the same as the Dymond D47 so has…

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    £16.65 inc. VAT   £13.88 exc. VAT
  • Ripmax SD150 Micro Servo
    Ripmax SD150 Micro Servo
    Weight: 10.0g    Dimensions (mm): 24.5x29x9.2

    The same as the Dymond D60, the Ripmax SD150 servo is a 10g analog servo with great torque and centering and can be used with a 2s Li-Po.

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    £16.65 inc. VAT   £13.88 exc. VAT
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