APC Multi Rotor Propellers

Landing Products have been producing propellers in the USA since 1989 and have earned a reputation for producing good quality propellers at very reasonable prices. The ever-popular Thin Electric and Slow Flyer range has now expanded to include these multirotor propellers. APC Multi Rotor Propellers bridge the gap between the existing Slow Flyer and Thin Electric range - they are lighter than the thin electric but have a higher RPM capability than the existing Slow Flyer range whilst retaining a lot of the rigidity of Thin Electric propellers. Please note that adaptor rings are not included with these propellers but are available separately as part LPAR06E, which includes 6 each inserts for 4mm, 5mm and 6mm shafts. (The adaptors are listed at the bottom of the page!)
Direction of rotation: Looking down on your multirotor, MRP means the prop spins clockwise (CW), MR means the prop spins counter-clockwise (CCW).
All APC multi rotor propellers exclude adaptor rings.
Maximum propeller RPM for APC multirotor props can be calculated using the following formula: 105,000 / [Propeller Diameter in inches]
For example the 10x4.5MR propellers have a maximum RPM of 10,500.
All have 0.25 inch bore. Hub inserts for 4mm, 5mm and 6mm shafts can be purchased separately.

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