AXi F3A Motors

Model Motors produced two motors for competition-level F3A pilots. The AXi 5330/F3A is designed for F3A models up to 5,500g (194oz) and is usually suitable for practice flying with older/heavier airframes which may be above the 5,000g weight-limit. The slightly shorter and lighter 5325/24 offers the optimum solution for models up to 5,000g (176oz) such as the Wind S Pro and Krill Spark.
Both motors are designed for best performance with 20"x13" propellers such as the APC-E Thin Electric or the AXi 20x13 Carbon F3A Propeller. Expect to draw in the region of 85A at full throttle on either setup.

  • AXi 5325/24 v2
    AXi 5325/24 v2
    Weight: 606.0g    RPM/V: 232

    The AXi 5325/24 is well-known for its excellent performance in modern F3A airframes such as the Vanquish, Krill Spark and Wind S Pro on 10s batteries …

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  • AXi 8112/10 F3A Motor
    AXi 8112/10 F3A Motor
    Weight: 530.0g    RPM/V: 215

    The new AXi 8112/10 from Model Motors is a 215kv, 36 pole outrunner designed primarily for F3A aerobatic models with a read-to-fly weight of approxima…

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  • AXi 5330/F3A v2
    AXi 5330/F3A v2
    Weight: 672.0g    RPM/V: 235

    New version 2 of the AXi 5330/F3A brushless motor from the Model Motors AXI "Gold Line" series. Version 2 motors offer up to 2% more power …

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