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From our favourite stable of wallet and finger-friendly EPP planes comes the Step One from RC Factory. Almost any plane can be converted for FPV duty these days but the combination of an easy build, easy to fly and almost indestructible plane for beginners really lends itself to being used for those first forays into responsible first-person view flying. Make no mistake, learning to fly a model plane is not easy and if you're jumping in at the deep end with learning to fly AND picking up FPV, you really have your work cut-out just connecting all the gear together, let alone flying and flicking all the right switches!

The plane here is called the Step One, which has been designed and produced by some of the masters of EPP. at RC Factory This plane does require assembly, using glue, pliers and even a soldering iron to hook up the motor and speed controller. However, unicorn hooves and similar mystical ingredients are not needed and the result is an immensely light-weight and simple plane, which importantly has a rear-mounted propeller, so unless you crash into a particularly nasty tree, you're not going to be using up props every 2 minutes. Being very light has numerous advantages: very modest power requirements; zero to very little damage from crashing; very slow flying. The only real disadvantage is that you get very little wind tolerance.

This combo has almost everything you need to kit the plane out but you're still going to need glue (Medium Cyano is awesome) and some tools. For the full FPV experience you also need FPV goggles (most of them have integrated receivers now for the video signal). And of course, if you're totally new to planes, you need a radio transmitter to fly the thing. These things are beyond the scope of this listing but please contact us if you need advice. The included FPV conversion here contains a new canopy for the plane along with a video transmitter and camera which are then installed into the canopy.

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