The HQProp company was founded in China in 2012 and set out to become a manufacturer of propellers of the highest quality. Among their product range you will find various styles such as slow-fly, multirotor, 3D, electric and direct drive drone props, all designed for particular types of aircraft. These days of course, nobody is anybody if they don't make something for racing quadcopters. The answer is here with HQ props range of products such as the durable racing props and the thin electric range (for larger multi-rotor aircraft) in the ever popular 5x4x3 and 6x4x3 sizes and V1S variants. All are produced from either a glass-fibre composite, polycarbonate or carbon-fibre composite material, the latter having more strength and a more rigid blade profile than the standard glass-fibre composite versions. Easily some of the best racing drone propellers available in the UK.
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