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The new MVario2 EX is a sensor for those using Jeti Duplex radio systems that measures atmospheric pressure and calculates the altitude above sea level and the rate of climb and descent. Changes in climb and descent rates can be signalled via acoustic alarm or voice on your Jeti transmitter. The sensor can also alert you when certain thresholds are exceeded. The sensor data can also be transmitted via the Duplex system to the user. MVario2 is EX BUS compatible.

The primary features of the MVario2 are its adjustable compensation of energy (TEK) feature when using the optional MSPEED sensor (Not included) and also its possibility to be used as an altitude switch in FAI F5J or ALES competitions. MVario2 allows connection of two additional sensors: For example the Jeti Speed Sensor can be connected to EXT1 to support the TEK feature and any other sensor can be connected to EXT2. Mvario2 sends its telemetry to the receiver along with the data from any connected sensors.

If you participate in competitions in categories such as F5J or ALES (Altitude Limited Electric Soaring), set the appropriate device mode (F5J/ALES) in the MVario2 menu and then connect the receiver and the speed controller (ESC) as shown below. The standard firmware allows you to set the cut-off height and the maximum time of motor operation.


As an alternative to the standard firmware, there is a special version certified for official competitions of FAI F5J category, which can be found in the Files for download section (external website). During the competition you must have installed exactly this version. To read the initial altitude [Start Height], use the Jeti Box or Jeti Box Mini (not included) after you land.

Technical Details for Jeti MVario2 EX

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