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Newly improved X-III motors provide higher performance and better cooling at the same great price point as the original X series motors. X-Airplane motors offer some of the best bang per pound you can find for radio-controlled model aircraft.

Shot of the X2212-III 1250kv with short shaft
X2212-III with the long shaft
X2212-III.  Note mounting holes for included prop driver.

Diagram with dimensions for SunnySky X2212-III
Shot of the X2212-III 1250kv with short shaft

Superb new X series III motors from SunnySky have improved heat dissipation, better efficiency and greater power output over the original X series. These are genuine new SunnySky motors including standard manufacturers fittings. We use the 1250kv motor with the optional short shaft in the Big Crack Yak, the Edge 540T and the Revo P3 models from RC Factory and Twisted Hobbys. The 1250kv is recommended for use on 3 cell batteries (3s) with 9×3.8 propellers or similar. If you are careful with throttle management and know what you are doing you can get away with a 10×3.8 or 10×4 propeller but you run a high risk of burning the motor windings and destroying the motor. A lower 980kv version is available which provides adequate power for mild 3D flying in the aforementioned models but the 1250kv variant provides plenty of power and efficiency for its weight class and comes highly recommended for small foamies.

Included in the box with all X2212-III motors:: -

  • 1 x Genuine SunnySky X2212-III outrunner (Choose kv and shaft options before adding to basket)
  • 1 x Prop driver with screws and nut/washer.
  • 1 x Cross mount

The accessories included are the same regardless of whether you choose the short shaft or long shaft version. The short shaft version is more convenient in foamies as it means you do not need to drill a hole in the fuselage to poke the motors internal shaft through when mounting on the included cross mount.

The 1250kv is also an excellent choice of motor for the Flash 39" Reloaded planes.

Recommended setups

For higher cell counts, use smaller props. For larger props, use lower cell counts!

Motor KV Model Type AuW Cells Prop
980kv Trainer750g3s10×4.7
1250kv Aerobatic750g3s9×4.5/9×6
1400kv Aerobatic750g3s9×4.5

X2212-III General Specifications

Stator Diameter 22mm
Stator Thickness 12mm
Arms 12
Poles 14
Rotor Diameter 27.5mm
Motor Length 30mm

Amps, volts, resistance and power for each motor

Motor 980kv 1250kv 1400kv
No load current 0.6A0.8A1A
Resistance 92mΩ54mΩ43mΩ
Max. Current 26A/30s35A/30s37A/30s
Max. Power 385W518W560W
Weight 57g59g57g
Max. Cells 3-4s3-4s3-4s
Prop 8-10"7-9"8-9"
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