T-Motor Propellers

Genuine T-Motor professional v2 carbon and wood propellers for multi-rotor copters offer high-efficiency through light-weight and excellent balance. Use with the T-Motor Navigator motors for optimum performance and flight-times. The carbon propellers here can be mounted in two ways - use either the flat-plate mount included with most Navigator series motors, or the optional short M6 prop mounts of the MT series motors.
The T-Motor wood propellers are made from dense German beechwood and are efficient propellers with good vibration absorption, low noise and excellent balance. These wooden propellers arrive in pairs (CW and CCW) and include a self-locking nut which can easily be removed for installation on standard prop adaptors with nut and washer. The 12"-15" beechwood propellers have 6mm bore and 16"-24" have 8mm bore. The wooden propellers are finished in white for a unique and elegant appearance on your copter.
We only stock genuine T-Motor parts and accessories.

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