These strong, light-weight and balanced carbon fibre propellers from T-Motor give you improved flight performance through their faster spool up. From T-Motor's "polished" range and suitable for Navigator and U-Power motors. Can also be mounted on MT series motors with optional short prop adaptors.

Each box includes two propellers (one pair)
Blade shape
Box contents includes plate covers and fixing screws
Each box includes two propellers (one pair)

Choose T-Motor's polished carbon fibre propellers for high strength, light weight, excellent balance and longer flight times! These CF propellers are designed for simple installation on U-Power and Navigator series motors and provide excellent performance over their nylon counterparts, with much faster spool up times for keeping your multirotor platform stable.

Each size is packaged in a box with the flat plate style mounting covers for MN and U-Power series Tiger motors. They also have a standard 6mm bore for mounting on MT (Professional) series motors in the traditional fashion, with a locking nut. Please note if mounting on MT motors, a special short prop adaptor will be required (not included) due to the very low profile of the propeller.


These multirotor propellers are manufactured using a carefully balanced amount of carbon-fibre and epoxy resin, to provide just the right combination of torsional strength, resistance to bending under load and minor shock absorbing properties. If you're already flying with T-Motor, you won't find a better combination of motor/prop for your unmanned aerial platform.


Please remember a few simple rules when mounting and using your propellers: -

  • Ensure that screws and nuts are mounted correctly
  • Always check that propellers are free from damage and cracks before use
  • Propellers which are knocked-off or subjected to violent contact due to crashes or accidents may be cracked and should be replaced
  • Keep clear of rotating propellers
  • For long-term storage, please keep propellers in an environment where humidity is <85% and temperature is between -10°-60°C

Please note: For mounting on MT/Professional series motors, you will need to use the optional short prop adaptors for your particular motor.

Sizes, Weights and Thrust Limits

Prop dimensions Weight per propeller Thrust Limit

Reference Setups

Prop dimensions ESC Motor Throttle Thrust per motorCells
13"x4.4"Air 40AU3/MN3510 700kv55-65%1kg4s
14"x4.8"Air 40AU5/MN3515/MN4012-400kv55-65%1.2kg6s
15"x5"Air 40A/Flame 60A HVU5/MN3515/MN3520-400kv55-65%1.5kg6s
15"x5"Air 40A/Flame 60A HVMN5208-340kv55-65%1.5kg6s
15"x5"Flame 60A/80A HVU7-420kv55-65%1.8kg6s
15"x5"Flame 60A/80A HVU7-490kv55-65%2.4kg6s
16"x5.4"Flame 60A HVU5/MN3520/MN4014-400kv55-65%1.8kg6s
16"x5.4"Flame 60A/80A HVU7-420kv55-65%2kg6s
16"x5.4"Flame 60A/80A HVU7-490kv55-65%2.6kg6s
17"x5.8"Flame 80AU7-420kv55-65%2.8kg6s
17"x5.8"Air 40A/Flame 60A HVMN5208/MN5212-340kv55-65%2.2kg6s
18"x6.1"Flame 80A HVU7-420kv55-65%3.3kg6s
18"x6.1"Air 40A/Flame 60A HVMN5208/MN5212-340kv55-65%2.6kg6s
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