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The Crack Turbo Beaver is here! EPP, highly capable… the similarities end there! The Turbo Beaver is unlike any of the existing Twisted Hobbys planes. It will do any 3D maneuver you want, it is forgiving (like a cub!) and VERY durable. The Twisted Crack Beaver really stands out by just being a perfect anytime plane that makes all your flying FUN!

Required to complete: -

  • Power set (25g motor, 10-12A ESC, 8-9" propeller, 450-600mAh Li-Po)
  • Micro servos x 4 (Gening D561 Servo is a good choice! – Check out our special deal and get them cheaper when you buy together with the plane!)
  • Receiver
  • Glue (UHU Por or Standard CA Glue)

Check the links tab for a link to the RC Groups build thread and discussion on this plane!

We would like to congratulate Chris and Cody from Twisted on their fantastic efforts in producing the Crack Turbo Beaver.

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Technical Details for Twisted Hobbys Crack Turbo Beaver

Model TypeBeaver!
Wingspan890.00mm (35.04")
Length760.00mm (29.92")
Build Time3-4 hours
Weight Range210-250g
Recommended PowerT-Motor AT2206 1500kv

Unlimited fun!
5/5 stars
By Jonathan
The Crack Turbo Beaver is a model that is virtually indestructible, can take off and land in a metre or so, even on rough surfaces, and do all the 3D and aerobatic manoeuvres.

Whether you are inverted at 1 foot, landing in a tiny space from a near vertical approach, hovering it barely half throttle, doing rolling harriers, weaving it round trees, you name it - you will be grinning!!

With the right set up, you can have flaperons and spoilerons which allow even more craziness.

Essentially, it is the fun of a Multiplex Fun Cub combined with most of the 3D ability of a Crack Yak.

On 3S, it is ballistic. Watching it accelerate into the air with ease off a 1 metre high, 45 degree slope BMX ramp never gets old!

It is one of the easier Twisted Hobbys builds because the main spar slot is already cut and the ailerons are on separate servos.

Here are a few hints on build and equipment:

1) The control adjusters are very fiddly to get on the horns once the horns are glued to the surfaces. Attach them before the gluing and it will be plain sailing.
2) Track down a Tiger (T-Motor) AT2206 motor, also known as the Tech-One Venus motor. It's essentially the same as the one Twisted Hobbys sells in the USA. It perfectly fits the supplied motor mount and thrives on 3S. It has short, thin motor wires that benefit from a 2mm plug (not supplied).
3) I'm using a Turnigy Plush 12A ESC which also has thin wires. I notice there is a T-Motor 10A on this site which may also be perfect although I haven't tried it.
4) You don't need to spend a lot on servos. Genings as sold here would be perfect.
5) An 8 x 4.3 slow fly prop is the ideal match. The GWS ones have weak hubs so buy a decent batch of them. An 8 x 3.8 would use a few less amps, I suspect and APC make those.
6) 3S asks a lot of a prop saver. You'll need 3mm thick O rings of 20mm outer diameter. They are a pig to get on so doubling up on 2mm ones can be easier. Either option works great. To get a secure fit of the GWS prop on the AT2206, jam a few bits of tin foil between prop and hub. It bends to make the perfect sized shim.
7) Make sure to get a 6 channel receiver as you'll want the ailerons on their own channel in order to be able to get spoilerons and flaperons. I'm using an Orange RX615 and flying from a DX9. It only needs something like a DX6i but I think this may not allow all the mixes.

Lastly, have a good read through the RC Groups thread on the aircraft. It starts with an excellent build video and pictures and is then followed by all sorts of hints, tips and ideas.

If you read this far; congratulations! Now buy one ... plus a couple of tubes of UHU Por ... our equivalent to Welders in the States.

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