Xoar precision pair of 13"x6.5" premium carbon fibre propellers. Engineered for ultra light-weight and rigidity for absolute maximum performance of your aerial platform. These propellers are from the ultra light Xoar PJP-TH range, featuring an engineered foam-fill core rather than the heavier core of the PJP-TS range.

For ultra light-weight, rigidity, balance and fast spool-up.

Each propeller weighs 15g (±1g) and has a 6mm bore.

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 Propeller Dimensions Price Stock
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APC 13x6.5 Thin Electric Pusher Propeller 13x6.5 $5.20
Sky-Hero 13x6.5 Propeller Set (1CW + 1CCW) 13x6.5 $20.99
Xoar 13x6.5 Wood Precision Propeller Pair 13x6.5 $17.32
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