The Fusion Smart Guard 2 is a very handy, pocket-sized unit for simple checking and verification of battery and cell voltage. This new version now also balances your cells to within 5mV.

The Battery Guard supports the following battery types: -

  • NiCd, 4-7 cells
  • NiMH, 4-7 cells
  • LiPo, 2-7 cells
  • A123/LiFePO4, 2-7 cells
  • LiIo, 2-7 cells

Li-Po Balance taps of type JST-EH (Graupner) and JST-XH (Most commonly used by packs such as Desire Power and Gens Ace) are directly supported and therefore no balance adaptor is required for batteries using this type of balance tap connector.

JST-PQ (PolyQuest and Hyperion batteries) is directly supported for 4,5,6 and 7-cell packs however 2s and 3s packs using this balance tap connector will require an adaptor, such as 3065.7PQ.

Packs using the ThunderPower/Multiplex type balance connector will not connect directly to the unit due to the pin spacing, therefore the appropriate balance adaptor board should be used, which is 3065.7TP.

The clear screen readout provides display of the following metrics: -

  • Cell voltage
  • Total voltage
  • Lowest/highest cell voltage
  • Difference in voltage between lowest and highest cell voltage
  • Remaining capacity percentage (Do not rely on this value for A123/LiFePO4 based batteries)

Overall this is a small and light-weight unit, perfectly suited to checking your battery packs on-the-move and then double-checking prior to flying your model – the latter being something we all do before flying! The Fusion Smart Guard is probably one of the most useful devices available for radio controlled electric model flyers.

love it
5/5 stars
By jonn
Thanks for fast turnaround on my order. this is the one device i would not be without - use it every day to check packs are charged/balanced

balances my indoor packs quite quickly although obviously it balances by discharging the higher voltage cells so this can take a looooong time on larger packs! better to put anything over 1800 or so back on your charger!

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