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The AXi 2217/12 v2 is the latest revision of one of our favourite motors in the ~70g class. This little beast is ideal for small aerobatic models up to about 1kg or hotliners up to about 800g but can even be used in powered gliders up to 1.2kg on 3s. The new version 2 AXi 22xx motors now include the radial mount set as standard and have improved thermal efficiency through better cooling.

Made in Czech Republic.

Other AXi motors in this series: AXi 2217/12 CycloneAXi 2217/12 F5JAXi 2217/12 v2 LongAXi 2217/16 CycloneAXi 2217/16 F5JAXi 2217/16 v2AXi 2217/20 CycloneAXi 2217/20 F5JAXi 2217/20 v2

Recommended brushless power setups for AXi 2217/12 v2.
Need help finding a brushless motor setup? Try our motor calculator tool.

Model Model Weight Cells Max. Current ESC Propeller
Trainer 900g (31.7oz) 2s 30.0A/60s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 30A 2-4s 11" x 4"
Aerobatic 1000g (35.3oz) 3s 30.0A/60s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 30A 2-4s 9" x 4.50"
3D 850g (30.0oz) 3s 30.0A/60s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 30A 2-4s 10" x 4"
Sailplane 1200g (42.3oz) 3s 30.0A/60s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 30A 2-4s 9.5" x 5"
Hotliner 800g (28.2oz) 3s 30.0A/60s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 30A 2-4s 9" x 6"

Do not exceed the recommended propeller sizes. Always use slow-fly type propellers with AXi 22xx series motors.

Technical Details for AXi 2217/12 v2

No. of cells (LiPo)2-3
RPM/V1380 Kv
Max. Efficiency86%
No load current0.4A
Maximum Load32.0A
Internal Resistance0.061Ω
Diameter27.00mm (1.06")
Length34.00mm (1.34")
Shaft Diameter3.17mm (0.12")
Max. Efficiency Current15-24A (>75%)
Glow Equivalent-
Weight70.0g (2.5oz.)
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