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The Model Motors AXi 5325/20 v2 is the latest incarnation of the AXi 5325/20, continuing Model Motors tradition of producing some of the best brushless motors in the world. These v2 motors offer up to 2% more power and 20% less heat than v1 motors and the 5325/xx series offers the same hardened 8mm steel shaft with 3 ball bearings and unbeatable quality.

The 5325/20 is designed primarily for 8s setups in trainer or slow-flying models up to 7kg (247oz), aerobatic models up to 6kg (211oz) and 3D models up to 5kg (176oz) on 8s batteries. This particular wind of the 5325 offers a nice alternative to the 5325/16 if you already have a lot of 4s or 8s batteries from other models.

Front and reverse mounting are supported and 12mm prop adaptors for either end of the motor are included. You will need connectors for the 3 motor wires as these are not included.

Recommended for use with Spin Pro 99 opto on 8s setups.

Made in Czech Republic.

Other AXi motors in this series: AXi 5325/16 v2AXi 5325/16 v2 3D Extreme + TelemetryAXi 5325/18 v2AXi 5325/20 v2 3D Extreme + TelemetryAXi 5325/24 v2

Recommended brushless power setups for AXi 5325/20 v2.
Need help finding a brushless motor setup? Try our motor calculator tool.

Model Model Weight Cells Max. Current ESC Propeller
Trainer 7000g (246.9oz) 8s 78.0A/10s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 110A 6-14s HV Opto 19" x 10"
Aerobatic 6000g (211.6oz) 8s 78.0A/10s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 110A 6-14s HV Opto 18" x 12"
3D 5000g (176.4oz) 8s 78.0A/10s Hobbywing FlyFun v5 ESCs 110A 6-14s HV Opto 20" x 10"

Do not exceed the recommended propeller sizes.

Technical Details for AXi 5325/20 v2

No. of cells (LiPo)6-8
RPM/V280 Kv
Max. Efficiency92%
No load current2.0A
Maximum Load78.0A
Internal Resistance0.037Ω
Diameter63.00mm (2.48")
Length64.00mm (2.52")
Shaft Diameter8.00mm (0.31")
Max. Efficiency Current15-65A (>85%)
Glow Equivalent22-25ccm/1.3-1.55 -2stroke 1.4 -4stroke 35-45ccm/2.1-2.7 gasoline
Weight595.0g (21.0oz.)
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